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Board Art Benefit (currently undergoing renovation)


Board-Art-Benefit-logoAbout the Board Art Benefit

The Board Art Benefit is a project I put together in 2011 where I invited artists to team up with shapers to create one-of-a-kind boards that would eventually be sold or auctioned to benefit SurfAid International.  Over the course of the year, over 40 boards were created and six separate events were held across California to showcase the collection.

The project is currently on hold as I’m preparing to open it up to more artists, shapers, and non-profits to benefit from in a truly community-supported open platform.  But take a look at what went into the making of the Board Art Benefit as it unfolded in 2011/2012 and enjoy.

Website---Board-Art-BenefitLogo & Web Design

The Board Art Benefit came about through a series of opportunities I had to work periphally with SurfAid International.  When I saw the chance to do something more with my art that would truly benefit others in the world I ran with it.  At it’s heart, it was an internet based website/communications/design project that snowballed over the course of a year.  But it all began with a simple logo and a website.  Before a single artist had committed, or SurfAid even got behind it, there was, showing all the invited parties how it could look if we came together to make it happen.  Well, we did, it was mostly a huge success, and it opened my eyes to what effective and relentless design could do for a small DIY community project like this.


BAB-boardsThe Boards

The artists and shapers who came together to create these boards were the single most important driver of the whole project.  Without their efforts the project would amount to nothing, so I wanted to handle the project differently than most art fundraisers operate and truly do what I could to promote each artist.  A big part of that was carefully crafting the presentation of their work.


BAB-Event-PostersEvent Posters

Over the course of the year, six seperate events were held in various locations all over California including San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Malibu, and multiple venues in San Diego.  Each event required another round of design and a new challenge to present the project in a fresh way while maintaining a sense of continuity between them.



sold!The Results

As reported by SurfAid International to me: Sales totals to date:  $73,840 Event income (all events via donations/merch/raffle) – $10,073 Total Income $81,413.66 Expenses $58,070.09 Actual funds raised after all artists and events expenses: $25,843

I’m not sure if all those numbers add up correctly but it’s what they gave me and is probably pretty accurate.  Boards that sold before the final live auction all went for 20% above the artists asking prices.  The auction itself was a typical floppy affair where the buyers made out like bandits, but still lent to some solid numbers in the end.

The expenses were high because each artist received up to 50% of the sale price and they fairly compensated me for my efforts in putting the thing together for them.  A bottom line of $25,000 earned for their organization is something I’m quite proud of.

Logo & Web Design  |  The Boards  |  Event Posters